Systems Integration

The savings opportunities we can provide are not just limited to energy savings. Extending the life of a facility’s investment in controls and equipment can be a very ‘green’ endeavor as well. Our Systems Integration software and hardware solutions make it possible to re-use older, often partially antiquated, technology for many additional years of useful life. By integrating older control components into a new Web-based graphical user program, it is often possible to keep the still functional hardware from a previous building control system investment, and upgrade its functionality with new software and new strategies. Software drivers for many of the most prevalent DDC control systems make it possible to create a single integrated workstation commanding a variety of hardware of various manufacturers and years of duty.

In addition to integrating differing building control system technologies, we are also able to integrate the various uses of technology in the facility. Our Systems Integration software and hardware solutions allow a building owner or manager to share data between numerous systems including HVAC, lighting, security, access, fire alarm, sprinkler, and others. By creating a common user interface for a variety of building operating systems, TAYCON can put all the information necessary to efficiently and effectively manage a facility, or a campus, in easy reach.

Open Protocols

No discussion of building control systems would be complete without discussing the use of the Open Protocol technologies on the market today. Gone are the days of proprietary-based control systems that lock an end user into one brand or one service provider. TAYCON Building Technologies utilizes open systems that can be expanded and worked on by others, and can be integrated easily with a variety of brands of equipment. BACnet, LON, Modbus, OPC, and Niagara are just some of the examples of open protocol solutions we utilize to help keep our customer’s options ‘open’.